Fusion Tower / Froomsgate House Student Accommodation, Bristol

01 About the Project

About the Project

Client: Fusion Residential

Sector: Student Accommodation

Location: Bristol, U.K.

Froomsgate House is a 63m high building in the center of Bristol. The building was erected in 1971 as office accommodation.

This project converted the building to provide 438 student bedrooms for use by students at local universities.

02 Project Requirements

Project Requirements

Prime consideration was to improve the thermal envelope to minimise CO2 emissions. In addition, low energy solutions were adopted and this included provision of air source reversible heat pumps for management and communal areas, and high efficiency gas fired boilers for space and water heating in student accommodation. The systems are optimised to ensure energy use is minimized whilst maintaining comfort conditions. A 152 m2 photo voltaic array is provided at roof level to offset CO2 emissions.

A wide range of choices for accommodation, ranging from single bed studios to five bedroom apartments, is provided to suit the varied requirements for students. Each bedroom has ensuite facilities. Single bedrooms are grouped with shared dining and kitchen facilities. Studios and apartments have integral kitchen facilities. Communal facilities at ground floor include a commercial gym, Lounge/Study Area, and retail units.

The building services have been designed to provide a low energy solution. Lighting is from LED and compact fluorescent sources. Automatic lighting controls are provided to minimise energy use. High-speed broadband and Wi-Fi are included all to contribute to an environment where occupants can study, rest and play!

The limited slab to slab height of the building offered several challenges to the design of the services, not least of which was to route ventilation, heating and power through the restricted ceiling void depth. This required very stringent co-ordination to minimise cross overs of systems within ceiling voids.

Thermal modelling to minimise BER and detailed co-ordination to avoid crossovers in ceiling voids.

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